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this looks suspiciously familiar. everyone should go check out the flash movie on this site called "the final task". its pretty much a samurai that takes down a faceless creature and chops him up in like two seconds. but the animation was way better. i think the creator of this video should either give credit to the original or take this video down. i have the original video in my favorites collection if anyone wants to check it out. the original is a lot shorter and aligns with about the last 30 seconds or so of this video.

keepwalking responds:

I never heard of that show/movie, I just imagined all the thing from 0. its not that easy to come up with new ideas when everything as been already made up. It was a posibility that something else was similar...


do you want me to put on my knees and pray for mercy too?


well for those who completely blammed this, they didnt get that it was a spoof of japanimation. it was a bit too long. i kept expecting to be a big punch line a laugh really hard. but that never really happened. the voice acting got annoying. it was a good idea, but the length and no apparent punch line made it...fruitless


hmm...telling of the general intelligence of minorities, but non-implicative of their appreciable strengths. i duh king nigguhhhhh

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well i have to say it was a huge improvement on the first "The Gun Game" but i do say it lacked the difficulty of the first one. that made this game go by pretty fast. also, the challenges from the last game were nice in that you were able to perfect each gun and such. what really brought this game up was the vastly improved gun design, and the overall look of the game. Also, i liked the guns that were actually chosen for the game. It was a great game, looking forward to a "The Gun Game" trilogy!!!


ok its pretty sweet for a while, but when the enemies and the main character don't change, upgrade, or do anything new, the same old gory shooting gets old. also, i don't even know if the game ends. I'm at day 40 and i don't even know if there is some end to the game or not. boss fights would make it a lot cooler. and a better variety of "zomgies" would be more interesting too, rather than just having the same bunch of rotting runners you swear you killed on the last level, sprinting across the screen. it was another cool sidescroller, but as with all sidescrolling run-n-gun games, they eventually get boring. sorry, 3/5 7/10

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Okay, first off, i thought this game was awesome. the improvements made from the first installment put this game into an entirely different class. the major problem that i had was the lagging, as previous posts have mentioned. something like one out of five tries of playing a song did it actually play smoothly. once the song skips and messes up, i had to restart it because the whole rhythm off. it just bugged the crap out of me. if it weren't for the lagging, i would have spent a lot more time playing (although i'll probably still play anyway). also, the concert mechanics were a little tough to master, especially the drums. the notes get a little crazy unless you have a simple song. if you like hardcore songs like me, it gets a little tough to keep up with the six key system. overall, though, it was an excellent game, and i will definitely play a lot of it.

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... so basically, you're not scaring anyone. i love hardcore screamo music, but when you try to act like a hardass satan lover... it doesn't work out. and if you hate the world and hate people and whatever... there's about a million people like that so... love each other lol. oh, and if you're lyrics aren't very good to begin with... i wouldn't suggest putting them up for people to see.

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ok, i'm pretty sure the bad sound just means you need better recording equipment. i do like the style of music. the drums need a bit of work. the guitar was good. at some points the vocals seemed a little flat, or repetitious in tone, like the repeated the same tone scheme too much, however briefly. good job though, overall.


ok...well i don't want to sound like a jerk but this is not heavy metal in any sense. the techno beats just aren't what metal is about. this really belongs in the techno genre. thats the only reason i couldn't give this a good score.

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if i were your dad, i would have beaten you with a hose, then thrown you into a river while tied inside of a bag full of black mambas. people like you ruined this site.

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Whatdidyaexpect responds:

You sir are my hero


i couldn't vote, but i recommended you for the portal. overall, it is lacking value, or differences between highlights and shadows. it is mostly white and uninteresting. i'm sure you didn't mean to this to be a really serious drawing, but it could have been pretty sick if you worked on it. like the idea though!

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the artistry was great and the merky colors played well. but the idea as a whole wasn't the most original choice. the whole slug looking swamp monster with a crap load of teeth thing has been done before. overall though, it was creepily good.

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